Genre: (c)Rap
Members: Nimrod
Hometown: Dunkirk, NY
Record Label: n82records

Description: HAILING FROM DUNKIRK, NY. What started off as a tutorial on how to work Cool Edit Pro, gradually snowballed into a venture never foreshadowed. If ya wanna get to know Nimrod's life, just listen to a few records & you'll catch on.

Biography: (c)Rap artist extraordinaire. Webmaster of his domain. Mental rapist. All of these terms define Nimrod & his shenanigans. Come & join the Nimrod Nation.

The name itself means "the mighty hunter". In this case, prey are the women in the night that have the misfortune to cross my path.. But really, the name was taken originally from Green Day's 5th album, Nimrod.

I started making music purely as an example to someone that it wasn't that hard to create, simply using Cool Edit Pro & some cheap headphones as the mic. "Cholerik FS" was the end result of this demonstration.

Some time later, I was watching videos online with Angelo when we stumbled upon "The Rapist Mask" video by HeyHomie. I had instrumentals playing at the time and the mash-up between the two was amazing. So amazing, in fact, that it inspired me to run with the whole idea and make my 1st rape rap, "How I Like It".

"How I Like It" was well received amongst friends. many songs followed..

Inspiration can strike from anything, whether it be 'net hook-ups (believe, j.a.n.(just another night), doomed relationships (do you, platypus (i hate you), a lil ultra-violence (cholerik f.s., nobody come around), or the streets (meltdown, str8 outta dk). my blink-182 jacked intrumental track stands alone (life's so boring).